Utah's Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Initiative

First-Ever UAMMI Utah Composites Supply Chain Conference A Huge Success

SANDY, UTAH - March 1, 2017 - The first-ever Utah Composites Supply Chain Conference was held on March 1st at the SLCC Miller Campus in Sandy, Utah. The conference was held in conjunction with the 12th Annual Wasatch Front Materials Expo which ran that same evening next door. By all accounts, both events were very successful.

Highlights of the events were:

  • 150+ conference attendees comprised of: Composite company executives, composite business staff, composite technical staff, government officials, economic development personnel, IMCP personnel, educators/students
  • 12 industry-leading speakers presented relevant topics and insight. Speakers were:
    • Brent Strong, SAMPE Utah
    • Val Hale & Ben Hart, State of Utah
    • Sanjay Mazumdar, Luncintel
    • Sarah Lehman, Enve Composites
    • Suraj Rawal, Lockheed Martin
    • Mark Brandley, Plasan Composites
    • Gregg Balko, SAMPE
    • Dale Brosius, IACMI
    • Mark Ripke, Boeing
    • William Hooper, Orbital ATK
    • Darin Friess, Albany Engineered Composites
  • 400+ Attendees to adjoining Wasatch Front Materials Expo
  • UAMMI booth drew over 300 attendees, many of which came to register for a free KLOS Carbon Fiber Guitar giveaway. UAMMI give 2 guitars away later that evening at the expo.

UAMMI is already looking forward to next year’s conference and expo and with dates to be announced soon.


The Utah Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Initiative (UAMMI) brings together public, private, community, industry and education partners to assure growth and sustainability of some of Utah’s most important manufacturing clusters. Advanced materials are essential in Aerospace/Defense, Outdoor Products and Transportation Equipment. Advanced materials include composites such as carbon and glass fibers, ceramics and polymers that are made using advanced manufacturing techniques including 3D printing, filament winding, automated fiber placement, and automated tape laying. Utah has more than 50 years of history in the development and advancement of these materials and has a worldwide reputation as one of the leaders in this industry of the future.

While still in its early development, UAMMI has already been important to Utah’s competitiveness in advanced materials.

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